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welcome to Adenine Solutions

We are a fast-growing, US-based, software development and consulting company specializing in end-to-end custom software development, system integrations as well as a variety of other technology related services


Sampling of Current and Past Projects


Area Wide Protective

SalesForce invoice and payroll generation engine coupled with a custom MS Dynamics integration

Area Wide Protective utilizes SalesForce as a front end CRM and project management tool. Adenine developed and continues to maintain a custom engine that analyzes raw job data and generates invoices and payroll entries that are then reviewed and processed into their backend ERP system.

.NET, Windows Services, SalesForce API, SalesForce APEX, SmartConnect, SQL


Miller Pipeline

Custom Field Services application and verification/integration system

Design, implement, and maintain a dynamic and highly customizable field services tracking application that collects field data that is then verified by both internal and external personell and submitted to the DB2 based ERP backend.

.NET, WinForms, C#, WebForms, Synchronization, DB2, SQL


McCUTCHEON Enterprises

Suite of custom quote generation, field services creation, and job tracking tools

Adenine is in the process of deploying a suite of tools allowing McCUTCHEON to streamline and standardize the sales quoting process as well as automate job creation and track field services in the field. This will replace a current all-paper process.

C#, MVC, MobileFrame, Windows Services, SQL


Specified Technologies

eBMP custom application and iFirestop/iFirestop Lite iOS applications

Initially tasked with creating a customized Windows Mobile application called eBMP used to track facility fireproffing status. This system was eventually expanded into iOS via the iFirestop and iFirestop Lite apps avaialble in the app store

C#, MVC, WinMobile, MobileFrame, SOAP, iOS, Xamarin, SQL


Sightpath Medical

Field services tracking and reporting application

Adenine created and helps maintain an iPad based application used to track field services, site inventory, ordering, as well as a number of other field services related functions along with a back-end portal used for reporting.

C#, MVC, MobileFrame, iOS, SQL


Attain Insight

ProTools Cognos Security Platform

Adenine helped develop and deploy ProTools, a customized security management and deployment platform used with Cognos that has been deployed by companies world-wide that it then transferred to Attain Insight.

.NET, VB, C#, WinForms, WebForms, Windows Services, Cognos, SQL


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